What is CHoPM?
The Centre for the History of Podiatric Medicine (CHoPM) seeks to identify, collect, and preserve original and unique records documenting the history of chiropody and podiatry, as well as that of boot and shoemaking. In addition, it maintains records of members of the College of Podiatry and its antecedents as well as output of members’ academic interests. It aims to makes the archive available for use by staff and students, the academic research community, and the wider public.

Laforest Chiropodial Instrument Illustration
The Archive Collection
Lord Morris of Manchester opened the CHoPM in April 2011, following the acquisition of a significant amount of material formerly owned by Colin Dagnall. In addition, it holds a substantial part of the collection of Walter Seelig. This material was a valuable addition to existing archival holdings documenting the history of the College of Podiatry and its members. It was recognised at this time that a more formal approach to managing the historical records and library would be beneficial to members, academic researchers and the general public. The College of Podiatry gained charitable status in 2011 and the importance of maintaining the archives is now formally recognised in the Articles of Association of the College.