Find out about College support

Starting practice can be daunting and you will have lots of questions. Who can you turn to?

The Royal College of Podiatry is ready and willing to help, as are lots of wonderful podiatrists out there. Joining a branch and the College’s Graduate Network, attending conferences and going to courses (virtually at the moment!) are great ways to keep your skills up-to-date and lay down avenues of practical help for when you need it.

And - new for 2021 - find out more about your career choices by playing our online game.

Newly-qualified Membership

If you have recently qualified from one of the College's 14 recognised Schools of Podiatry and were a student member before then, you are eligible for a greatly reduced membership subscription in the part-year of your qualification and also your first full year of membership.

In the part-year of qualification your subscription will be £45.00, and in your first full year of membership you will receive a full 50% discount on the annual subscription. However, you will still receive the full range of College membership benefits, including third party indemnity insurance and trade union support. You find details of all the benefits available to members here.

To take up the Newly-qualified Membership please complete the online application to join.


If you need any help or advice about becoming a member, please feel free to contact our membership team at or on 020 7234 8644.

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New for 2021 - Online game for recent graduates

Have you graduated this year? Looking for your next steps in planning your career in podiatry?

Why not play our fun-filled space-themed game of Next steps and career launchers. Based on snakes and ladders, the game will reveal our top graduate tips to sky rocket your career into the future.

Start rolling the dice to see where those next steps and career launchers will take you, and see who will be the first in the race to finish, taking their career to another galaxy.