Award categories

In addition to the usual seven categories of Award, this year we will be awarding the Ernest Runting Award for distinguished service to a podiatrist or practice team who has undertaken a local, regional or national role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the Royal College of Podiatry Awards Programme?

Each year the organisation makes awards, in several categories, to its members and to those outside the profession who have given particular service to the podiatry profession.

Who can make a nomination?
Any individual or group can make a nomination for an award. Nominators should not be relatives of the person/people being nominated. You cannot nominate yourself to receive an award.
Who is eligible for nomination?
Any individual or group may be nominated.
What are the categories of Awards available?
The award categories are shown below. A list is also available in the nomination pack together with guidance notes applicable to each award category.

Do you know a colleague who is:

⇒ Going that extra mile to support the profession?
⇒ Performing exceptional and outstanding services within the field of podiatry?
⇒ Playing an active part in furthering the profession?
⇒ Currently active within the profession, or has given distinguished service over the years?

Here is your chance to thank your colleagues and to enable their efforts to be appreciated more widely by the profession.

How to make a nomination for an award

Please read the guidance notes within the nomination pack carefully before you complete the nomination form.

Then, download the nomination pack and complete the form, specifying:

  • Which award your nomination is for
  • Why your nominee should be considered for the award, giving as much detail as possible, and specific examples where possible. Documentary supporting evidence can be returned with your form
  • The names and contact details of two nominees who will support your nomination.

If you have any queries regarding the Awards scheme, please contact
Completed forms and any supporting information should be returned to by xx yyyyyy zz.