Podiatry and sustainability

The Royal College of Podiatry recognises the importance of the climate change crisis and the role we and our members need to play in greener sustainability and embedding this within the podiatry profession. Climate change and related natural disasters and extreme weather has been shown time and again to impact the wellbeing of all. Therefore it is incumbent upon us as a society to combat the impact not just in our social lives but in our professional lives as well.

We have therefore signed up to the Professional Bodies Climate Action Charter which pledges to:

  • Chart the path to sustainability for our members
  • Speak with a unified voice to and with professional bodies, government and the public
  • Empower and inspire our members to drive sustainable growth

There has been extensive research which shows existing health inequalities are being exacerbated by the extreme weather, pollution and stress that are symptoms of the climate crisis. Unfortunately, the healthcare sector is a major contributors to the climate crisis whether it been the amount of lighting and heating used in building, wasteful PPE, equipment not being reused as it could be and much more. We all need to work together to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are committed to raise awareness of these issues amongst our members and they in turn to their patients. Allied health professionals need to work together and with our patients to support wellbeing and reduce health inequalities. Podiatrists can make a difference and improve outcomes for all by incorporating sustainable practice into their professional roles and evidencing the environmental, social and financial impact.

The Royal College has set up a Podiatry Sustainability Network and will be producing resources to aid members in their sustainability and climate action journey. To join https://networks.sustainablehealthcare.org.uk/network/podiatry-susnet