Rejoin the Royal College of Podiatry

We know that many members are attracted to us for our comprehensive insurance coverage and union support. But that isn’t all that we do.

In the past few years our organisation has undergone a transformative process to ensure our members are supported by the modern, fit-for-purpose membership organisation they deserve.

So what’s been happening while you were away? Quite a lot, but here are the highlights:


Our insurance policy has expanded to £15 million of coverage including malpractice/professional indemnity, public liability, legal defence costs, product liability, and libel and slander. Our captive policy ensures that, in the event of a claim, it is expert podiatrists assisting the legal team, and not doctors and nurses as is the case with some other providers.


We continue to lobby for your needs. We continue to promote podiatry by working with governments, policy makers and charities to increase access to services, working with the media to highlight the scope of podiatry and countless other ways that our team has worked to expand and enhance the profession. We do this on behalf of every podiatrist in the UK, regardless of whether they are a member. By rejoining the College you can help strengthen this work.


Trade Union

As a Trade Union we have continued to fight for the rights of our members and beyond. From NHS pay negotiations and pay award submissions to ensuring our members in all sectors are supported in their workplace needs, be it as an employed or self-employed person.

Development of professional and clinical standards

We have continued to lead the way in professional and clinical standards with our Nail Surgery Guidelines, MSK Toolkit and Podiatry Career Framework amongst some of the most recent publications regarded as the gold standard in the profession

Support in fitness to practice cases

Since 2018 we have successfully supported xxx members through HCPC Fitness to Practice processes with none of our members being removed from practice.

Dedicated legal services

Our members have received £xxxxx in compensation from workplace injuries thanks to our legal services.
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Our online CPD library, TALUS, was formed in 2020 and continues to expand. Access a range of free core CPD updates at a time that suits you in our members’ website.


The Podiatrist

Our multi award-winning professional magazine launched in 2021. Read interviews with leading and innovative members of the healthcare workforce to inspire and educate your practise, as well as in-depth articles on the trending topics in podiatry.


Our online official journal, the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research (JFAR), brings together the latest in research in the field of lower limb health and recently recorded an impact factor of three. Members can apply to have their submission fee waived for publication.


The local branch network has continued to grow and expand, offering CPD and networking opportunities across the UK. New branches have been established in xxx and yyy.

Special Interest Groups

Our Special Advisory Groups (SAGs) have thrived with new members being welcomed and new groups forming including SAGs dedicated to vascular podiatry, and learning difficulties and mental health.


We worked closely with the governments and public health agencies throughout the pandemic to ensure our members had access to the latest information to allow them to safely operate, with guidance often launched within hours of government announcements. The College intervened at the highest level to ensure frontline healthcare worker vaccine access was given to all podiatrists, regardless of their sector.